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1 ) Product Name : Maize Oil Cake

maize oil cake

 Description : Processing of maize grain, avail the different products like starch, glucose, maize, gluten meal, wet maize husk, maize germs etc. The maize germ which is a rich source of Fat or Oil content is processed through the Expeller technology to produce two products namely Maize Oil and Maize Oil Cake. Maize Oil Cake is rich source of nutrition and is used as a concentrate source in the dairy cattle feed. It is used by soaking in the water.
• Increases the milk fat
• Higher content of Oil will provide energy to the animals.
• The MOC contains Vitamin E that is highly beneficial in reproduction process of dairy cattle.
• It has good digestibility as the crude fiber content is only 8 - 10 %.
• Improves the animal health and resistant power against the diseases.
• The oil has mostly unsaturated fatty acid that will help for the early pregnancy of the animals.

2 ) Cotton Seed Oil Cake  
cotton seed cake

Description : We offer cotton seed cakes that are the solid matter that remains once oil has been extracted and pressed from cotton seeds. These cotton seed cakes are widely used in the industry for feeding cattle. We offered at competitive rates, our cotton seed cakes can be supplied to different parts of the world. Cotton Seed Cakes find applications in applications related to feeding of cattle. Our range of Cotton Seed Cakes is available at most competitive prices. This uniqueness makes the product highly desirable as animal feed in India. The range of cottonseed oil cake offered by us is excellent in quality and can be availed easily at any time. We are devoted in delivering our products within the stipulated time frame. These are manufactured in eco-friendly environment under the eagle eyes of quality analyst who checks each and every stage of manufacturing to till packaging. All the suggestions are invited from clients and that must be treated as per their budget only. Cotton seed cakes are the semi-solid material that remains after extracting the oil from the cotton seeds. We are widely well reckoned as one of the leading cotton seed cake exporters from India. Our cottonseed oil cake contains a large amount of protein, oil which makes it highly desirable for animal feed in India. We provide our cotton cake at very affordable prices which suits budget of all.

3 ) Cotton Seed De oiled Cake  
Cotton Seed De oiled Cake

Description : We offer good quality of Cotton Seed De oiled Cake. We are in this industry since many  years  as one of the leading suppliers and exporters of animal feeds. Cotton Seed Deoiled Cake is the residual product which is highly nutritious. Oil is extracted from the cotton seeds and the remaining is then processed to produce this high quality product. The product is high in proteins and fiber and widely used as cattle and poultry  feed. We offer Cotton Seed Deoiled Cakes in bulk quantities and at reasonable prices.

4 ) Guar Churi  
Guar Churi

Description  : During the process of split manufacturing of Guar, germ and husk are obtained. Both are this used as a valuable cattle feed as they are quite rich in protein. In international market these are popularly known as Guar Churi and are sold worldwide. Guar Churi have contents of Oil & Albuminoids (O & A) which are about 50% in germ whereas it is about 25% in husks.

Guar Churi is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group. It is having up to 40% of protein with a high digesting content, which improves digesting system of cows or buffaloes. As it is very high in protein it gives extra fat in its milk and also increases the quantity of milk. The byproduct of Guar Gum industry consisting of the guar germ material is called guar Churi 40%. The Guar Churi after gum Extraction is a potential source of protein and contains about 40% crude protein which is two times more than the level of protein in guar seed. The protein content in guar Churi 40% is well comparable with Corn Gluten Meal.

5) Guar Korma  
Guar korma

Description  : Guar Korma is a Bye-product while producing Guar Gum. It is known for its high nutritional content thus extensively used in cattle field. This Guar Korma & Meal is given to cattle mainly cows and buffalos for getting enhanced milk. Moreover, Guar Korma is also used in poultry feed and is supplied across the nation.

Known For:

• Free from contaminants
• High nutritional content
• High quality
• Customized packaging

It is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group; it is having up to 55 percent of protein [O+A] with a digesting content. Guar korma is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and is a 100 percent natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives. Processed guar korma can be used either in conjunction with other feed stuffs or by itself, as it is a complete nutritional feed.

6 ) Corn Gluten Feed  
Corn Gluten Feed

Description  : Corn Gluten Feed is prepared by starch extracted from corn grains with gluten, corn steep water, fibers and crushed corns, and is one ideal feed for chicken, ducks, gooses, pigs, fish and other animals. Feed is highly rich in protein.

7 ) Soya De-Oiled Cake  
Soya Bean De-Oiled Cake

Description  : Soya De-Oiled Cake is a free flowing coarse granular material, produced from cleaned soybean seeds after series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction. Soya Bean De-Oiled cakes are used as cattle feed. Soya De-Oiled Cake is manufactured from NON-GMO- soya bean seeds, under highly sophisticated multistage hygienically controlled plant.Soya De-Oiled Cake is highly proteinous and are free From cholesterol.

8 ) Castor De-Oiled Cake  
Castor De-Oiled Cake

Description  : Castor De-Oiled Cake is obtained from castor cake after the multistage solvent extraction. It Contains Proteins and carbohydrates, essential amino acids, Potash minerals, nitrogen and organic matter. De-Oiled Castor Cakes are excellent product used for organic fertilizer. Detoxification of castor cake is made by the treatment of calcium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate and autoclaving (15 PSI For 30 Min) – after detoxification it can be used as an animal feed.

9) Rape Seed De-Oiled Cake  
Rape Seed De-Oiled Cake

Description  : Rapeseed De-Oiled Cake is a coarse powdery material, produced from rapeseed cake after series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction under hygienically controlled conditions. Rapeseed de-Oiled Cake makes excellent Cattle feed and Poultry feed. Rapeseed de-Oiled Cake is having a extremely good amino acid composition, often compared to the milk protein, contributes to it is high nutritive value. The amino acid profile showing adequate lysine and methionine is very much favorable to the poultry feed.

10 ) Groundnut Oil Cake  
Groundnut Oil Cake

Groundnut Oil Cake is made by extracting the oil completely from the groundnut seeds. The left over is then processed to produce high quality Groundnut Oil Cake. The product is highly nutritious and widely used in as cattle feed. All our products undergo strict quality checks to ensure purity and freshness. We accept bulk orders and we are reasonable in pricing
11 ) Groundnut De Oil Cake

Groundnut De Oil Cake

We are one among the superior quality Groundnut De Oiled Cakes (DOC) suppliers, which is valued for their taste and high nutritional value. Our Groundnut De Oiled Cakes have very rich nutty flavor, crunchy texture and a relatively longer shelf life. Our Groundnut De Oiled Cakes are known the rich source of edible oil and vegetable protein that further enhances their consumption.

12 ) Refined & Filtered Groundnut Oil  
Groundnut Oil

Description  : We are among the reputed Suppliers of Groundnut Oil. Groundnut Oil has a very pleasant aroma and flavor. It is pale colored Oil with light consistency.The Groundnut Oil that we deal in is pure in form and free from any kind of adulteration. The Groundnut Oil that we offer does not contain impurities and is available at a very competitive rate.Groundnut seeds are a rich source of edible oil (43-55%) and protein (25-28%). Major producers - Gujarat (1-3.5 million tons), Tamilnadu (1million tons), Andhra Pradesh (1-2 million tons), Karnataka (0.5 million tons), Maharashtra (0.5 million tons).

13 ) Refined Cotton seed oil  
Cotton seed oild

Description  : Cotton seed oil is obtained as a byproduct of cotton production. Even though the production of cottonseed has fallen significantly since the invention of synthetic fibers, cottonseed oil still has a proportion of the edible oils market. The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid constituting about two-thirds of these. Compared to other crude vegetable oils, cottonseed oil is hard to refine. Refined cotton seed oil is a oleic liolic type vegetable oil, produced by mainly micro refining of cottonseed oil,which is derived from the seed of the cotton plant, grown in gujarat  Refined cotton seed oil has perfect balance of MUFA & PUFA. Both the fatty acids are essential for the body. Refined cottonseed oil is a light colored , bland, nutty taste and completely odourless . Refined cottonseed oil soaks very less oil in comparison to other oils, it makes the food very light and easy to digest.

14 ) Refined Palm oil  
Refined Palm oil

Description  : Refined Palm oil is an edible oil extracted from Quality Palm fruits.
•Palm oil is rich in vitamin A.
•Carotene, tocopherols and tocotrienol found in Palm Oil act as antioxidant agents lowering the speeding up of development of diseases occurred due to cell damage and environmental pollution.
•Palm oil is an excellent source of tocotrienols, which are powerful anticarcengic substances and help against thrombosis
•Palm oil is also referred to as ‘gold oil' for its perfect balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in India.
•Palm Oil can withstand extreme deep fry heat and is resistant to oxidation.

15 ) Refined Soya Oil  
Soya Refined Oil

Description  : Soya Refined Oil is obtained after the Soya Crude Oil is perfectly refined. We obtain Refined Soya Oil from very trustworthy sources. The Refined Soya Oil that we supply is free from contamination and available in packages of various quantities.India is the Net Importer of SoyabeanOil. The gap between the production and consumption is met by importing the soyabean oil. In India, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are the major cultivation states. They produce more than 85% of the soyabean produce in india. The other producing states are Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, and Chattishgarh.. Madhya Pradesh produces about 58% and Maharashtra produces about 30% of soyabean in India.

16 ) Refined Corn Oil  
Corn Refined Oil

Description :Corn oil is a germ oil and therefore contains quite a few more essential ingredients than regular seed oils. Corn oil distinguishes itself from other vegetable oils through its high content in essential fatty acids (56%), vitamin E, phytosterols and other important minor components such as coenzymes Q9 and Q10. Essential fatty acids (omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid) are essential biological elements that must be absorbed through food as the body itself is unable to synthesise them. The essential fatty acids in corn oil can help to:
• Prevent high blood pressure.
• Slow down diabetic effects.
• Combat obesity.
• Keep up the immune system.
Corn oil contains approx 45 mg vitamin E per 100 g. Vitamin E is important for the protection of cell membranes. It is a major antioxidant responsible for actively capturing free radicals. Phytosterols have a markedly favourable effect on cholesterol levels (lowering effect). Phytosterols and their derivatives decrease the intake of bad cholesterol (LDL), thereby reducing the chances of heart and vascular disease. Phytosterols also decreases the risk of colon cancer. Compared to other vegetable oils, corn oil has the highest phytosterol content.
Applications :
As a result of its universal properties and high heat stability, corn oil is used for a wide range of applications:
• As general cooking oil it is used for frying, baking and deep-frying.
• Due to its rich flavour and high vitamin content it is used for cold preparations such as salads, sauces, mayonnaise and vinaigrettes.
• In industrial applications as a stable frying oil in the snackfood industry.
• Due to its high vitamin E content, the oil is used for the treatment of skinburns, in cosmetics and also as baby oil

17 ) Castor Oil  
Castor Oil

Description : India is the largest producer of Castor Seeds and Castor Oil in the world. Other top producing countries are China and Brazil. India contributes about 75-80% of world production of Castor seeds.

•B.S.S. Grade Castor Oil.
•P.P.G. Grade Castor Oil.
•U.S.P./B.P. Grade Castor Oil.
•Its low temperature viscosity properties and oxidative stability and high temperature lubrication makes it a good lubricant .
•In the food industry, castor oil (food grade) is used in food additives .
•Castor oil is widely used as a remedy for skin problems, burns, sunburns, skin disorders, skin cuts, and abrasions.
•Castor oil has numerous applications in transportation, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, adhesives, automobiles, paints, electrical, humectants, hydraulic fluids, inks, lacquers, leather treatments, refrigeration lubricants, rubbers, sealants, textiles, washing powders, and waxes.

18 ) Mustard Oil  
Mustard Oil

Description : Mustard oil is a healthy edible oil.It is produced from black mustard, brown Indian mustard and white mustard.Mustard oil is the third largest edible oil produced in the world after Soya bean oil and Palm oil. At a production level of 13-14 million tons, it accounts for about 12% of the total World's edible oil production.
•It has Vitamin E (anti oxidant, radiant skin, good for heart) .
•It has Natural anti oxidants (slows ageing, prevents illness and diseases) .
•It Has High amount of mono-unsaturated fatty acids (good for heart) .
•It can be used as an antibacterial oil.
•Helps to detoxify human body ( for Detoxification).
•Helps to reduce hair fall through improved blood circulation if it is massaged on scalp ( Hair Fall).
•Stimulates digestion, circulation and excretory system.
•Helps preventing fungal growth, thus it can be used as anti-fungal ( Anti Fungal properties).
•Protects teeth from germs if rubbed on gums and make gums strong ( Strong Teeth).
•Helps stimulating sweat glands and helps lowering body temperature.
•It can be used as an irritant for stimulating sensation in senseless organs and muscles. Irritants are also useful for driving up muscles. ( Joint and Muscular Pain).

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